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Penelope Belt Bag in Mossy Stone
Penelope Belt Bag in Mossy Stone

Penelope Belt Bag in Mossy Stone

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Practical and stylish rectangular belt bag in genuine salmon leather. Magnetic flap opening with accent bovine leather flap interior. Removable, adjustable belt in salmon leather with gold plated buckle and lined in tan bovine leather. Beige suede lining, interior pocket with gold plated zipper. Dust bag included.

Dimensions: W 7.25" x L 4.25" x D 2.5"  

Belt length 31.5" to 36.5"


Designer's Note: Each piece of this bag was cut by hand, the edges were painted by hand, the paint was mixed and matched by hand and it was stitched together very carefully. It is the only one of it's kind. It was designed and made lovingly of leather from sustainably farm raised salmon.  



For best care of your Anadromous bag, store it in a cool, clean indoor location with balanced humidity inside its dust bag. Avoid keeping your handbag in sunlight and heat. While salmon leather should be expected to lighten in color over time, sunlight and heat will speed this up significantly and can completely ruin its hue, in addition to drying and making the leather brittle.

To remove dust build up, brush a dry cloth gently across the surface of your salmon leather in the direction of the scales for minimal abrasive damage. If dirt has sunk between the grooves, you can try a soft, bristled brush to get between the scales. If there’s a lot of dirt built up, you can very slightly dampen your cloth, but take care not to get it too wet. Salmon, like most leathers, can be affected by water in a bad way if exposed to too much, and will grow dry and brittle if handled carelessly.

In case of a spill, dry the spot immediately using a paper towel or other soft cloth by blotting. Do not wipe! This will smear and sink your spill further into the leather. If a stain gets involved, you mix mild soap with water, and apply the suds to a cloth without getting it wet. Wipe the cloth across the stain in the direction of the fish scales. If grease is staining your leather, sprinkle a small amount of corn starch over the stain and let it sit overnight. Afterwards, gently brush it off with a soft, bristled brush.