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About Us

The Anadromous story is much like the women who wear our bags:  forward-thinking, ingenious and unconventional - the kind of woman whose journey is not deterred by the direction of the current.

The word Anadromous refers to the migration pattern of fish who swim against the current to return to their origins. And in many ways, this is exactly what we’ve done.

Originally from a family of hand-crafters, Maria’s great grandmother clothed her seven children with a sewing machine and imagination. Upcycling hand me downs and reinventing them from one child to the next. Nothing was wasted, nothing was thrown away.  Those seven children all learned different crafts; painting, knitting, sewing, but the essence of bold imagination, resourcefulness, and artistry remains.

This essence is what drove Maria, founder of the Anadromous Brand to craft handbags and accessories out of salmon leather in her native country of Colombia.  

Salmon leather is an upcycled material; a byproduct of the food industry. When we first discovered that this precious material was being discarded or ground up into animal feed, it sparked intrigue and we began our journey to optimize this stunning and underutilized resource; to reimagine the possibilities.

But, because our idea of beauty transcends the elegant designs of our bags and accessories, we also understood that our bags had to have purpose. With each bag, you are helping the world, its resources and its people.

With each bag you are making a statement: Sophisticated. Sensible. Bold.